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If your love is like rocks then my pocket is full of stones
you never believe that I’m alone
look at you and tell you you’re the one I’m dreaming of
but even when I do you think I don’t.

Seems like
I’m never doing enough, guess​ I​ just don’t know what you want
we fight
it’s not that I don’t care as much
But you just keep bringing it up

Why’s it always gotta be so heavy
Always something wrong we use to be so easy
Tell me if I’m wrong but haven’t we got so heavy
can’t you see I’m trying but you just don’t just won’t
Let me
We got so heavy

Use to be my anchor, now your angers all on me
But I let go of shit that ain’t that deep
It’s 4 in the morning and you’re still there in your corner
There’s more than just a table in between

Written by Chloe Papandrea, Ferras, Andrew Wells
Produced by Andrew Wells
Mixed by Michael Freeman
Mastered by Joe LaPorta